Please note: As of November 2017, we are not initiating any new loans. 


The mission of the Living Soil Investments, LLC, is to strengthen our local food economy and enhance soil fertility by making small loans to farms, ranches and the food businesses that help them thrive.

Inspired by the Slow Money Principles, we formed in mid-2013 in Fort Collins, CO. We are a group of community members who value the importance of local agriculture that is resilient, regenerative and reconnecting. We co-investors each contributed to a common fund so that we can make micro-loans with patient terms at fair interest rates. We seek to support businesses that:

  1. Source their inputs primarily from regional farms and ranches or otherwise promote the economic viability and job development of Colorado,
  2. Advance farmland and watershed health,
  3. Promote culturally and socially sustainable practices, and
  4. Seek to innovate.

In addition to farmers and other food producers, we are interested to support

  • Strategic infrastructure and foodshed needs
  • Food processors making unique and healthy products
  • Businesses addressing food waste
  • Businesses addressing the larger social issues of food security, hunger and public health


We meet monthly to review applications and host conversations with potential borrowers and co-investors.

If you are looking for a microloan, you’ll want to

If you are looking to become a co-investor and join the group, you’ll want to

If you support this effort, please “LIKE” us on Facebook

Thank you for your interest in rebuilding our local foodshed!


1 thought on “Welcome

  1. Subject: Slow Money Regional Meeting for the Plains States


    I am a member of a Slow Money club in Omaha called the Let’s Eat Investment Group, LLC. We are working with Slow Money of North East Kansas (http://www.slowmoneynekansas.org/) to organize a regional conference for this fall.

    Woody Tasch has expressed an interest in joining us, probably in Kansas City.

    We are just starting to work on the agenda. A planning meeting is set for this Friday the 20th, hopefully with a call-in number.

    Please join us!

    Jim Steffen

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